We are professional, but we are informal and open.
We create the most powerful values.
We know what's worth working for, even the smalllest details.
We know what our clients need and do best for them.
We’re thinkers and problem solvers.
We like and enjoy what we do.
We are in a creative and collaborative environment.
We always love the unknow, love the new ideas.
We are here to welcome you, work with us.

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We use research and strategy to create brands’ most powerful values. We achieve this via our four steps of see, think, create and practice.

Your brand is the most important part of your business which shows the authenticity and quality and so brings sales and loyalty. We cerate and develop brand strategies, products and services that matter to your business target.

Our journey started in 2011 and we have 16 people form the globe, we are on the goals of our clients, and it makes the work a lot of fun.

If you are curious about the brands we can provide to you, we can offer a range of talks.

BBO its a member of one of the largest digital group in Europe. The VNG Group of companies.


  • Research & data
  • Brand planning
  • Storyboarding
  • Content strategy
  • Positioning


  • UI & UX
  • Marketing
  • Culture & voice
  • Wireframing & prototyping


  • Website & apps
  • Content
  • Campaigns
  • Support & maintenance


We are hiring young and old talents. People who has passion to share ideas and realize awesome works with us.

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No matter if you are a super big agency, a fresh start-up, a very small studio or just someone with an idea or an unfinished idea about a project. You should send us an email.

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Your strategic partner in Digital marketing.

Having your growth and profitability as goals,
we design the strategy that will help you
emerge in your market. We have the expertise,
the experience and cutting edge tools
for Digital Marketing.

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Our team develops effective strategies for forward thinking companies. We have a proven track record in client success stories. Our team of specialists consistently delivers outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. We can help you build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients.

Our team consists of successful technicians and developers, social media experts, graphic designers, well-known journalists and a dynamic and creative sales team which specialize in successfully developing any online activity that will bring your business at the top.


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Kareas Athens Greece
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